Patient Safety First.

Our story

TRUINJECT™ is a revolutionary technology company setting the gold standard in injection education for practitioners. Including a smart syringe and anatomical “Kate”platform, a life-like model composed of hardware, software and analytics to optimize education, TRUINJECT™ empowers practitioners to provide injectable treatments with the highest level of integrity.

Our eduKATE digital education program and TRU | INSTITUTE research and development center complete our technology offering, raising the bar for patient safety to a whole new level.

Our Mission

TRUINJECT™ believes that patient safety should always come first. That’s why we have created the first-ever technologies that empowers practitioners with new industry standards,
allowing them to offer consumers the highest level of injectable services with confidence and integrity. 

We’re not just raising the bar, we’re creating it.

I believe hands-on training is essential. The TRUINJECT™ platform provides realistic, hands-on experience in a safe and controlled manner. New injectors learn the anatomy critical for safe injections, and begin their careers with a much better understanding of placement objectives, technique and potential problem areas.
— Dr. Sue Ellen Cox, Dermatologist, North Carolina




We have developed technology that guarantees the best practices and highest safety standards in the industry.


We are committed to forging the way for the medical and aesthetic industries by remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge injectable technology.


We guarantee a mistake-free zone by training practitioners via our comprehensive hardware and software platforms.


Technology is only as smart as the person using it, whether in person or virtually. That’s why we have created education platforms that train practitioners like never before.


We care about practitioners as much as we do patients. Our technology empowers them to promise only the highest level of service.


Our corporate mission is giving back, whether through our commitment to education and technological innovation, or our philanthropic efforts. TRUINJECT™ will soon be launching, an employee-driven non profit organization that will fund causes closest to our hearts.

What We've Achieved

  • 2014 Stevies Start-up of the Year Award

  • 7 issued patents on our technologies