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TRUINJECT™ is a revolutionary technology company setting the gold standard in injection education for practitioners.

We’re not just raising the bar, we’re creating it.

TRUINJECT™ is an innovative device that develops the skill set needed to improve aesthetic outcomes and reduce adverse events
— Dr. Heidi Waldorf, Dermatologist, New York



We are technological trailblazers

We bring intelligent injections to the medical and aesthetic industries in a way that has never been done before. Our innovative technologies allow practitioners to train in a simulated environment, instead of on a live person, for the first time ever.

"The TRUINJECT™ device is going to revolutionize medical education within the injectable industry."

~Dr. Arthur Swift, Plastic Surgeon, Montreal

We shorten the learning curve

We help practitioners attain proficiency faster. Real-time feedback via our simulated platforms means safer and more time-effective training and ability to learn at their own pace.

“TRUINJECT™ is revolutionary technology that the aesthetic market has desperately been waiting for!  Their years of research and development into making this device as realistic and informative as possible make this an important tool that can be utilized by the novice and expert level injector alike.” 

~ Dr. Jason D. Bloom, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Pennsylvania


We put safety first

We believe in the highest safety standards for patients, practitioners and pharmaceutical companies. When education is elevated, the patient is more likely to experience better outcomes and risk is mitigated.

“The TRUINJECT™ device may one-day help to single handedly prevent blindness in cases of ophthalmic artery occlusion.”

~Dr. Sharon Stokes, Dermatologist, Florida


We help businesses thrive

Consumer satisfaction is essential for any business but critical for medical and aesthetics industries, where one negative experience can cause irreparable consequences. 

"TRUINJECT™ improves the safety and efficacy of facial injectables."

~Dr. Steve Yoelin, Ophthalmologist, Newport Beach

Limitless learning, limitless possibilities.


Learning can happen anywhere with our app for anytime learning:


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